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About Unconferences

As an unconference, all sessions are generated by those participants who attend HealthCamp.

While the exact process is not important to fully grasp in advance, as it will become clear as the day unfolds, in general, you can expect:

  • At the beginning, everyone will gather together and be guided through creating an agenda using principles of ‘open space.’
  • All participants have an opportunity to put sessions on the agenda
  • All sessions are welcome; no session will be voted off
  • Sessions will be plugged into a grid and the conference will start

The sessions convened will range from the formal (i.e. a planned multimedia presentation reflecting years of research and practice) to the informal and spur of the moment ‘new idea’ that would be fun to talk about.

For a more complete description of a generic ‘un-conferencing’ experience and what to expect, read ‘Unconferencing’ by Kaliya Hamlin.


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  1. […] engages thought leaders within the community through an ‘unconference’ format to innovate, transform and re-design […]

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